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Diamond Waters



Sharee “Diamond” Waters Ceo of Dyme Squad Magazine, has been in the entertainment industry since 2009.  She made her start in the industry promoting theme parties at local clubs in Richmond Va.  In 2010 she started Dyme Squad Magazine and Dyme Squad Management.  Ms. Waters has helped many artists further their careers.  Diamond, as she likes to be called but many refer to her as Boss Lady; have managed and coordinated several major events in the Richmond VA area, featuring such artists as Ace Hood, Jim Jones and more.  During her four years in the business she has gathered a lot of industry and independent contacts all over the world.  With her experience in the industry, she has come to realize that a lot of independent artists do not know where to go to get the services that the major industry provides.  So she decided to start Dyme Squad International, sister company of Dyme Squad Magazine that offers services to independent entertainers at affordable prices, such as radio play with royalties and video play.  Diamond is also Host of hit online radio show, Dyme Squad Live Hosted by Diamond featuring interviews with indie and major entertainers.  With all her companies and services she provides she still has time for family.  She is the proud mother of 2 wonderful children, her son who is disabled is 15 and her daughter is 10.  “I teach my children be to be leaders not a followers”.  Ms. Waters is an all-around joy to talk to and to work with.  We label her the “Hardest working women in VA”

Don’t miss anything that Ms. Waters and Dyme Squad has to offer contact her today at ceo@dymesquadmagazine.com

Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/DymeSquadMagazine 

Gwendolyn "Sassi" Barnes- President

Email- president@dymesquadmagazine.com 

 Lisa Jett

Executive Assistant


Phone- 330-988-9013

L.M.D. Music Enterprise originated in April of 2010 here in Ohio. The management company has taken flight in so many states here in the USA as well as the International market. Ms Jett started out by scouting for talented artists from all over the world. Ms Jett specializes in helping the Independent artist break out into the music industry on a mainstream level.

Ms. Jett is also the Owner of “Cleveland Hott Radio,” an internet radio station based in Cleveland, Ohio. Thriving to get the independent artist(s) heard, CHR (Cleveland Hott Radio) is an outlet to gain them extra exposure for a fraction of the cost of national radio play. LMD Music Enterprise has their hand in a variety of great opprotunities and connections including but not limited to: major labels, mainstream artists, radio airplay, and much more.

As of October 2013, she has affiliated herself with highly respected companies and organizations. She is currently the A&R Director of the Midwest Division though A.I.N. Music & Distribution (Blue Pie Records), C.E.O. Of J.D.T. Entertainment L.L.C, and has most recently taken on the position of Executive Assistant for Dyme Squad Magazine.

Grinding just as hard as the artist(s) she manages, she is a prime example of what success can bring to the striving artist. She has been in the business for a total of 3 years and considers this just a beginning. Taking the time to know each and every artist(s) and company(s) she works with, she focuses on your best benefit rather than just for money like other Management Companies or A&R's.

Specialties:Management,Leader,Promotions,Radio,Distributions, Event Specialist,

 Lori West- Executive Sales Director 

Email:  salesmgr@dymesquadmagazine.com

Hi, I am Lori West .  I was raised in Austin, Texas all my life.  I have had a great love for music since I was able to breathe.  My father raised us on classical music, blues, country, hard rock, and the list goes on and on!   Being a middle class family, sometimes we were not able to go on vacations, so my father would give us money for every song that we could name before the group started to sing!  I became very good at this, with lots of practice haha!                                                          

I use music for everything, it relaxes me! I have several successes in helping others get where they need to be in the beginnings of their travels through the lyrical world we live in.  I am currently helping Ally Dee ~ 902 Non-Stop Records in their campaign to help the children with the YWCA located in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada; also in association with Toe Dropping! Media YouTube It...     I am here by the people for the people and I will help you get where you need to be as long as you believe in yourself that you can do it and can Invest in yourself! 


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Supporting Staff

Natalie Shields- Writer

Marcus Campbell- Writer Editor

Tina Lollis- Head Editor


Graphic Designer

Email- graphics@dymesquadmagazine.com 

Graphic Designer based out of Bakersfield, California. Been practicing graphic designing over six years; however, been an artist since an adolescent. Mostly self-trained, through creativity and a passion to excel, Designs by Boom has become one of the most recognized graphic artists on the planet. Clients ranging from major recording artists, sports figures, and brand owners. Ready at a moments notice to create amazing material for your business needs.

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